Media Release – Angels For Animals Offer Message of Peace

2 December 2016
Angels For Animals Offer Message of Peace

Three beautiful angels and one baby angel with wings and halos will be out in Hobart to spread a message

of peace for animals

, at the start of the Christmas season. The angels will provide tasty samples of vegan Christmas food with the message “Be an Angel for Animals this Christmas, leave them off your plate.”

“Turkeys, chickens, pigs and fish are traditionally served up at the dinner table at Christmas time, but tradition does not justify cruelty” says Animals Tasmania spokesperson Clare Knight. “Many of these animals spend their entire life crammed by the thousands in atrocious conditions in sheds and cages. Turkeys and chickens are forced to grow so large so quickly their legs often cripple underneath them, pigs have their tails chopped off without pain relief, fish can barely swim in underwater cages, or they experience painful decompression when dragged out of the water. We urge people to include animals in their celebrations this Christmas. There are so many delicious foods available that spare animals living a life of misery. Be an angel for animals, Go Veg this Christmas”.

Clare continued, “Many people don’t realise the animals they eat at Christmas (and the rest of the year too) live interesting lives like we do – if given the chance. Turkeys form strong social bonds, sometimes travelling in the wild with groups of 200 or more. Pigs can learn their own name and show affection just like the family dog. A mother hen will cluck to her chicks before they hatch so they recognise her voice. Some fish species have long memories, recognise individuals and even warn each other of dangers, and lobsters often walk ‘hand-in-hand’. Animals experience pain and fear, happiness and love, just as we do. They deserve peace and freedom, just as we do.”

Angels for Animals @ Salamanca

When – 11am, Saturday 3rd December 2016

Where – The Rotunda at Salamanca Square

Animals Tasmania exists to promote respect and kindness towards all non-human animals. We represent all animals, no exceptions.

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