New Animals Tasmania website

Animals Tasmania is proud to launch our new website.  The new site has been designed with simplicity and the Animals Tasmania aesthetic in mind. We are also proud to launch our new online shop, online memberships and donations. Thanks for … Read More

Animals Tasmania Tin Shake Fundraiser

Animals Tasmania is having our annual tin shake on Friday the 16th of October from 9am to 5.30pm!!

This is our biggest fundraiser for the year and we would love as many volunteers as possible to help us make it a huge success.… Read More

2015 Duck Rescue

In March this year, Animals Tasmania activists spent their weekend rescuing ducks for the opening of the duck-killing season at Moulting Lagoon. Here is the story:… Read More

Should fish be a part of our circle of moral concern? A public lecture

A lecture on fish pain and cognition by eminent scientist Associate Professor Culum Brown of Macquarie University and the philosophy of fishing by PhD candidate Larelle Bossi of UTas.

We had a great turnout, around 70 people, which filled the lecture theatre, and considering the short notice of the event, it was fantastic to see this many people interested in learning more about fish.… Read More