Animals Tasmania Tin Shake Fundraiser

Animals Tasmania is having our annual tin shake on Friday the 16th of October from 9am to 5.30pm!!

This is our biggest fundraiser for the year and we would love as many volunteers as possible to help us make it a huge success.

There will be tin shake coordinators in Hobart and Rosny Park (Eastlands) and we would appreciate a donation of time by any of our valuable supporters on this day. Whether half an hour or half a day, your time will be greatly appreciated.

Are you working that day? Arrange to collect a tin from us and take it to work.

As an organisation we are working to provide better protection for all animals in Tasmania. With your generous support we can help to improve the lives of many animals every day of the year.

Please contact us if you are able to lend some of your valuable time to help us help animals. We still have opportunities for collections to happen in other areas. If you are interested in increasing the effectiveness of our collection efforts, get in touch!

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