Should fish be a part of our circle of moral concern? A public lecture

A lecture on fish pain and cognition by eminent scientist Associate Professor Culum Brown of Macquarie University and the philosophy of fishing by PhD candidate Larelle Bossi of UTas.

We had a great turnout, around 70 people, which filled the lecture theatre, and considering the short notice of the event, it was fantastic to see this many people interested in learning more about fish.… Read More

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Living vegan Do you believe that non-human animals shouldn’t be harmed needlessly? Do you believe that animals matter morally? If you just answered yes to either of those two questions the only logical thing to do is commit to living … Read More


Wildlife Matters We all share this planet and we all have a responsibility to live harmoniously with its inhabitants. There are many situations where humans and native wildlife come into contact. This can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience if … Read More

Animals in Research
Animals in “Research” Hundreds of thousands of non-human animals are used in Tasmania alone for “research” purposes. This involves subjecting fish, sheep, rats, dogs, cats, horses and many other species … Read More