Media Release – Why Kill for Art or Food?

17 June 2017

Why Kill for Art or Food?
Action at Dark MoFo Winter Feast

4pm, Saturday 17 June
Princes Wharf 1

Animals Tasmania will be challenging diners’ to think about food choices at the Winter Feast in the wake of the Hermann Nitsch 150.Action.

“Our idea is to get people seriously thinking about the anger and distress that arose from the idea of a bull being slaughtered for art.” said Chris Simcox, coordinator of Animals Tasmania. “Many of the people upset by 150.Action have yet to fully make the connection with what they eat. We want these conversations to continue at dinner tables for a long time to come.”

Winter Feast participants will be asked to consider what they are planning to eat, and have already been eating. They will be reminded of the Nitsch bull carcass ‘art’ event earlier in the day that sparked so much anger in recent months.

“We will suggest vegan fare as an alternative to the usual flesh-dominated meal. Given that many people profess to ‘love animals’, this should be an easy ask! Many already know that vegan food can be convenient, tasty and free of suffering.”

For more information:
Chris Simcox, 0408970359

Animals Tasmania exists to promote respect and kindness towards all non-human animals. We represent all animals, no exceptions.

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